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Fees & Finance

Denplan Care

DenplanRegistering with the practice under the Denplan Care scheme means that a fixed monthly payment covers the cost of all your ongoing routine dental care.*

You will also have access to emergency dental care anywhere in the world via the Denplan Helpline and be covered against damage suffered to your teeth by accidental trauma. See for further information.

The monthly cost varies according to your dental requirements which are assessed by your dentist. Most people fall into either Band B or Band C of the following:

Denplan Care Rates 2019:

  • Band A: £17.62
  • Band B: £25.11
  • Band C: £30.35
  • Band D: £41.67
  • Band E: £49.02

Denplan Essentials – Adults & Children

Adults :- A monthly payment of £12.06 covers the cost of 2 examinations and 1 Dental Hygienist appointment per year. For all other treatment, the above private fees apply less a 10% reduction.

Children :- A monthly payment of £4.89 covers the cost of 2 dental checkups and necessary hygiene treatment  per year. For all other treatment, the above private fees apply less a 10% reduction

Denplan Care for Children

Denplan Care rates for children:

  • Band A: £8.62
  • Band B: £12.28
  • Band C: £19.91

* Orthodontic, Laboratory costs and cosmetic work are not covered on Denplan schemes.

Private Payment

We accept cash, cheque, credit and debit cards, and payment can be made over the phone if necessary.

Please see our guideline prices below.

Price Guide

The majority of our adult patients are registered under the Denplan Care Scheme. However, we appreciate that some of our patients prefer an alternative system of payment; this fee guide applies to the most common types of treatment.

Please note: these prices are only a guide. The cost of your treatment will be estimated after your initial examination appointment but our fees are based on the following costs:

Treatment Price (from)
New patient examination, x-rays and report: £65.00
Routine examination including appropriate x-rays: £44.00
Orthodontic Consultation: £50.00
Dental Hygienist appointment: £54.00
Composite (white) fillings: from £72.00
Amalgam (silver) fillings: from £65.00
Root-fillings: from £230.00
Extractions: from £70.00
Crowns: from £430.00
Bridges: from £650.00
Porcelain veneers: from £425.00
Tooth-whitening (full mouth): from £345.00
Acrylic (plastic) Partial Denture from £330.00
Full upper and lower dentures from £686.00
Chrome (metal) Partial Denture from £530.00
Sports mouthguards/gumshields: From £65.00


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