Dental Implants

For years, the only methods available to replace missing teeth were traditional dentures or bridge work. However, in recent years, dental implants have come to the fore and this technique is now recognised as the gold standard for the replacement of missing teeth.

The implants themselves are placed by a colleague at a specialist centre nearby. We work closely with him in the planning stage and will usually do the final restorative work ourselves.

How do dental implants work?

A dental implant is a titanium rod that is surgically placed by one of our specialist colleagues in place of the missing tooth. Titanium is used because it fuses naturally with the natural jaw bone - a process known as 'osseointegration' - and is not rejected by the body.

The implant forms a solid foundation for a supportive collar, called an abutment, onto which a crown is fixed to form the replacement tooth.

Correctly placed implants are very natural looking, extremely robust and can last in excess of 20 years if looked after correctly. They appear and act just like a natural tooth and, unlike dentures, are unaffected by sticky or hard foods. Many of our implant patients report that their lives are changed considerably for the better following the implant procedure.

If you live in Starbeck, Harrogate or the surrounding area and you are considering dental implants, please call us for more friendly advice.

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