Dental Check-ups

At Starbeck Dental Centre we firmly believe that prevention is better than cure.

We recommend that all of our patients attend for regular oral examinations with our dentists and hygienists.

Promoting good oral hygiene

Our hygienists are an extremely important part of the clinical team at Starbeck Dental Centre. During your sessions with the hygienist you will receive:

  • education about good oral health and diet
  • advice on correct brushing technique
  • thorough cleaning of your teeth ('scale and polish')
  • checks for gum disease (periodontitis)

The dentist will not only check the health of your teeth, he will also assess your gum health, check your jaw joint alignment and carry out oral cancer screening. He will also take x-rays if appropriate.

Our dentists and hygienists work closely together to provide comprehensive, holistic dental care designed to promote great oral health and help preserve your teeth for life.

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